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  Getting Started

Guerrilla Publishing is mostly about creating and launching books that sell.

I've also found that packaging and presentation (cover design, blurb, reviews) and advertising are the best and easiest ways to sell books. HOWEVER, building an author platform that gets long-term, organic traffic to YOUR website can make a big difference, and keep sales steady over the long haul. I've seen authors ask about how to get "free marketing with organic reach" - this is how.

My first course, "Reach Your Readers," is more about building a steady author platform, including how to set up a blog and what to blog about. You should have access to that course, so check it out and see if there are any other helpful topics not covered in this course.

My NEXT course, "The 21 Day Bestselling Author Platform" will also talk more about this stuff (blogging, SEO and organic traffic). You'll have access to that one when it's ready as well.

However I'm putting a few topics - just the most important - in this section so you can view them easily.